About Jeff Allyn - Abstract Expressionist

COLOR is the vehicle I use to express my feelings in oil painting. I put down my tones without adhering to convention. I am merely the channel; the painting becomes the director. - Jeff Allyn - Abstract Expressionist

Pride of the Wild Beasts 

COLOR is the vehicle I use to express my feelings. I put down my tones without adhering to convention. I am merely the channel; the painting becomes the director. - Jeffrey Allyn

During my first year at college, I learned about Fauvism, the first twentieth-century movement in modern art. The Fauves or "Wild Beasts" were a loosely allied group of French painters who followed:

  1. The underlying goal of separating color from its descriptive, representational purpose and allowing the color to be an independent element of the painting. Without being faithful to the natural world, the tone could project a mood and build dimension.
  2. A central artistic concern for overall balance. The Fauves aimed for a unified and robust impression.
  3. The values of direct experience, emotional response, and intuition were all more important than academic theory or lofty subject matter.

Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, Paul Cézanne, and Henri Matisse all used intense color in describing light and space. They communicated emotional state with color and form. 

Sharing the Fauvists practice, I, too, have become a wild beast.

Jeffrey Allyn Bios

The artwork of Jeffrey Allyn is an emotional discovery in color and dimension.

His uses sculptural relief for texture and shadow. Jeff's fiery use of color, reflective light, and artistic expression is an emulation of the French Fauvists’, who allied early during the 20th century's modern art movement.

Inspired by the bold oil pigments and thick textures used by Vincent van Gogh,  Jeff took almost two years to complete his first painting. He built layer upon layer of colors, and it took many days for each to dry. Although agonizing and somewhat tedious, it crystallized his commitment to continue as a painter and to find a better process for making his art with more speed and fluidity.

Experimentation led Jeff to realize that his painting process depended upon having an intimate relationship with the paint. It required an understanding of its organic nature, and to take advantage of its chemistry.  The solution revealed was to build a stable but flexible foundation, be consistent in layer chemical components, and keep the balance between layer drying times. 

When asked, what and why do you paint?  He said that he was completely aware that he has no control over persons, places or things and the events of life created by them. He does have control over how he reacts to outside influences, and he gains emotional solace from painting. Nature and the universe are his places on the canvas where tensions are released and replaced with serenity.

Jeff is a native Californian who lives in San Rafael. He has a BFA from CSU Long Beach and an MS in Business from the University of La Verne.

Jeff Allyn - Abstract Expressionist

Jeff Allyn - Abstract Expressionist